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"I am a betting addict. I bet 100 Kenyan shillings a day and 1,000 to 1,500 Kenyan shillings during weekends," he says. He used to frequent what were known as gambling dens, which were unregulated and where children could also place bets. In the last four years, these have closed down, to be replaced by online gambling services - with people using their mobile phones, cyber cafes or one of the chains of new betting shops to place bets online on anything from the local league to World Cup matches. This move has made it easier for people to place bets. Mr Karanja has lost about $5,000 during a six-year gambling period. He bets because he wants to recover what he has lost, sometimes borrowing money or even charging his clients before doing a job. Kenya has the highest number of young people in sub-Saharan Africa - between the ages of 17-35 - who gamble frequently, a 2017 GeoPoll survey found . Another study from 2016 estimated that 78% of university students were problem gamblers . Image caption No-one under 18 is now allowed into a betting shop The country is the third-largest gambling market in Africa, after Nigeria and South Africa.

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4 or face U.S. financial measures, with no exemptions. Since President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement, European states have been scrambling to ensure Iran gets enough economic benefits to persuade it to maintain the nuclear curbs required in the deal. But so far it has proven difficult to offset the impact of U.S. sanctions, with European firms reluctant to risk far-reaching U.S. financial penalties to do business in Iran. Pompeo, who has been attending a NATO summit in Brussels flew in from Abu Dhabi, where he discussed Iran with leaders of the United Arab Emirates. Earlier on Thursday, Trump was asked at a NATO news conference about rising tensions with Iran and replied: “I would say there might be an escalation between us and the Iranians.” However, Iran was now “treating us with much more respect right now, than they did in the past,” Trump added. “I know they’re having a lot of problems and their economy is collapsing, but I will tell you this - at a certain point they’re going to call me and they’re going to say let’s make a deal. And we’ll make a deal. But they’re feeling a lot of pain right now,” Trump said.

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poland-court-online-gambling-blacklist Last week, Polish media outlet Gazeta Prawna reported that the Provincial Administrative Court had upheld the Ministry of Finance’s right to compile and publish a list of online gambling domains deemed to be serving the country’s gamblers without local permission. The blacklist had been challenged by a number of unspecified international online gambling operators who argued that the Ministry had no right to besmirch their good names by adding their domains to the blacklist without a court order. Polish internet service providers are compelled to block local punters’ access to the offending domains, something even the Polish ombudsman believed represented “a serious risk to freedom of speech and access to information.” But the Court noted that the amended Polish Gambling Act had been submitted to the European Commission, which found no issues with its restrictions. As such, the Court found that the Ministry was within its rights to swing its censorial ban-hammer as it saw fit. Poland’s online gambling blacklist now contains nearly 2,400 naughty domains, including several hundred variants of the Curacao-licensed Casino-X that were added at the end of June. Despite the country restricting online casino operations to the state-run Totalizator Sportowy lottery monopoly, Poland continues to issue new online sports betting licenses, including one to Nordic operator Cherry AB earlier this month. Local operator Totalbet also received an online diploma for its site on July 2. While Totalizator Sportowy’s Playtech-powered online casino isn’t expected to launch until September or October, the monopoly is finally getting around to launching its land-based slots parlors . A pilot project that will see 50 land-based venues featuring a total of 1,200 slots got underway late last month as the first venues opened in Warsaw, Krakow and Bygdoszcz. Assuming Polish society doesn’t implode from these first test venues, Totalizator Sportowy plans to open a further 250 slots parlors in 2019, bringing the installed slots base to a maximum 38k machines. But the monopoly has placed an advert seeking technical help in monitoring its slots that suggests the company is making up a lot of its plans as it goes along.

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